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Investment Advisory

VOGELWEID is an investment company for alternative investments and real estate. The focus is on the analysis, optimisation, preservation, acquisition and realisation of portfolios and structures. Long-term and sustainability are the credo. With its team of experts, VOGELWEID acts as a business angel and private equity investor. VOGELWEID is based in Switzerland and operates internationally.

Corporate Investments & Private Equity


We take over the operative support of the investment process in companies for institutional as well as private investors. At the same time, we accompany companies in the implementation of their investment acquisitions. 

Asset management interface


Real estate portfolios are becoming increasingly important as a building block for existing asset structures. We have partnerships with selected asset management houses that can contribute the classic elements of private banking.

Sales mandates


Purchase, sale and participation opportunities in and of tangible investments are implemented and accompanied throughout the entire execution process. 

Portfolio valuation & second opinion


Property analyses and classic valuation methods help with strategic decisions. They serve as evidence of value and as a basis for lending principles. We have many years of experience, which serves as the foundation for an independent and professional expertise.


Alternative Investments


As a specialist of many years' standing, VOGELWEID is in demand and active as an intermediary in the areas of alternative investments such as art (primarily 20th century) and special properties. 





Support, design and realisation of international brand implementation for Business Lounge Palma and Mainz...


Dicehub is building a cloud platform for simulation operations (SimOps), on which template-based applications are operated.

The Hohnegg Lodge Resort Saas-Fee


VOGELWEID is planning a building complex for the client, SAAS TOURIST AG, a tourism investment company, on one of the highest European Alpine plateaus …


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