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VOGELWEID has been invested in dicehub GmbH as a co-founder since 2018 and accompanies the communication process and thus the "bridging" of this new tech world to the traditional environment.
Dicehub is building a cloud platform for simulation operations (SimOps), on which template-based applications are operated. Engineers and scientists will find a user interface that will facilitate, support and accelerate their actual work. Similar to the GitLab and GitHub platforms, dicehub offers workflow automation, a user-friendly interface and individual templates that simplify the setup steps for e.g. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations.

3 features are essential:

  • Scaling through connection to HPC (High Performance Computing)

  • Automation/ Machine Learning/ Process Automation

  • Real-time collaboration

The feature "Real Time Collaboration" as the most important focus has been successfully implemented as a template on the platform for the SimOps aerodynamics/thermodynamics area in Q4/2020.

The simulation calculations can be selected with massive scaling cloud-based in cooperation with e.g. Amazon and other HPC providers such as Google, Microsoft, Aisa, Hetzner via the dicehub platform. Of course, dicehub can also be used stationary on an own high performance cluster.

Examples of use:

  • Automotive/ aerospace engineering (aerodynamics/ thermodynamics)

  • Architecture, spatial planning (turbulence models)

  • Life science area e.g. for heart simulation, chemical analysis with associated data management and storage

  • Various engineering topics are conceivable as integrated templates on dicehub.

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